The mud stops here.

Mud and laundry rooms are one of the utilized spaces in a home, yet are often neglected during the design phase.  If you are building a new house or renovating a home, don't forget to pay attention to this space!  

Things to think about:

  • LIGHTING.  Who wants to fold clothes in a small, dark space? Add a skylight if there isn't a window or, at least, install plenty of overhead LED lighting to make the space bright. I use Aspect recessed LED in my projects.
  • ROUTINES.  Who uses this space?  Are you hanging school bags and sports equipment?  What about mom's tennis gear?  Don't forget pets - dog food storage and a feeding area could help keep Fido organized too!
  • STORAGE, STORAGE, STORAGE.  Install cabinets of various depths to keep vacuum hoses from tangling, towels stacked, and shoes tidy in cubbies.   
  • WATER.  If you can, put a sink!  Having a space to wash & rinse away dirt just may save your life.  This Blanco undermount is one of my favorites.
  • FLOORING.  Make sure you put a durable product on the floor.  Tile is the No. 1 choice, but be creative and use an interesting pattern or texture.  Tile comes in finishes that look like natural stone, wood and even brick!  What I wouldn't give for a herringbone brick floor in my mud room!