Round Top Antiques Festival

If you know me, you know I love beautiful things, the thrill of the negotiation, and the hunt for treasure.  All these come together in a perfect trifecta twice a year in Round Top, Texas.  My sweet husband graciously takes over packing lunches and reading good-night stories to our children so I can drive 90 miles to the best antiques festival in the state!  This year I joined some girls from Dallas and stayed at the sweet Ant Street Inn.  This adorable Inn is located in downtown Brenham and sounds like a sorority house once all the ladies return to kick up their feet, sip wine, chatter about their purchases and strategize about the next day's itinerary.  Relishing cheese, wine and a dinner of twice-baked potatoes from Lisa's Aunt Nancy was my favorite time of the day.  I loved catching up and laughing with these ladies!

We kicked off the day at Blue Hills where I met Michael Lawlis and purchased a great looking side table for the beach house.  I can always use more surface area to rest a wine glass or two!

My favorite stop is Arbor Antiques where I always find gorgeous goodies.  I was sad to learn that the Mexican Shirt lady is going out of business.  She had all her inventory 20% off!   I fell in love with a sold item from Susan Horne Antiques, but am crossing fingers that she can source another.   My friend bought a stunning pair of French needlepoint arm chairs from Maison Pernoud that will look amazing in her new home's foyer.  

On my final morning, we hit one more road-side tent and Nancy found a lovely pair of vintage sconces from Galveston!!  My heart sank as I did not see them first...  That sweet woman let me purchase them for Bowen (thank you, Nancy!)!!  I also found two wooden tennis racquets for less than half the price where I saw them at Arbors, so I picked those up as well!  I plan to send them on to House of Lamps so Nancy can work her magic!