Back-To-School Blues?

If you're like me, you're anxious about getting the kids (and yourself) back into the school swing.  Every mom is chattering about demanding homework schedules, after-school activities, and school expenses.  What can you do to make this year better?  Think about some organization and space planning for your kids rooms, play areas, and homework / craft centers.  Send me a photo of the space you want to transform and I will give you some design suggestions.  I may even feature the before/after here!!

Here are some great examples of kid-friendly spaces to inspire learning and productivity!  Setting aside a special place for studies or reading.  This lets your child know that schoolwork is a priority!  Clearing  a corner of the cluttered breakfast bar probably isn't going to encourage concentration.  Give your child his own table with colorful containers full of pencils and bins for materials needed to get his work done.  

Being organized and ready to tackle the task at hand will alleviate everyone's stress and get you closer to baths, bedtime, and that well-deserved glass of wine.