How to Organize the Linen Closet

I mentioned last week that I'm ready to pack away the heavy blankets and slide into summer. When you open the linen closet to swap those flannel sheets for crisp cotton, are you threatened by a mound of linens ready to topple out? Is it a struggle to find a matching set of sheets?  If so, then it’s time to reorganize your linen closet!

PURGE: Take inventory of what's in there and toss incomplete or mismatched sets, worn-out or stained linens and anything you no longer use. I like to have two sets of sheets per bed – one for the bed, one for the laundry.  After purchasing this amazing flannel set for our bed, I'd love to splurge on a extra set for every bed!   Three sets of bath sheets (towels, hand towels and washcloths) for each person in your house and a couple extra sets for guests is adequate. As for blankets or duvets, one for summer and a couple for winter is plenty. 

SORT: Next, divide linens you regularly use by room: sheets for bedrooms and towels for bathrooms. Set aside extra pillows, out-of-season bedding and any bulkier, less frequently used items for separate storage. You won’t be reaching for these on a regular basis.

DESIGNATE STORAGE SPACE: Where you keep your everyday linens really depends on the closet space in your home. If you don’t have a central linen closet, then you may store linens right where you use them in each room. For bedrooms, consider storing linens in a closet or a storage bench (I do this in the beach bedrooms, so it's easy for guests to strip and remake beds before leaving). An open shelf vanity or an attractive woven basket can provide towel storage in bathrooms.

ORGANIZE: Plan to store your everyday linens front and center. How you fold and organize them is equally important for convenient putting away and taking out.  If you have anyone in your house that claims they can't fold sheets: