Hiring a Kitchen Designer

You're not a 1960's housewife and your kitchen was probably designed for one by a builder trying to get the best looking kitchen for the least amount of money.  Typically, there was little or no thought given to ergonomics, workflow, lighting or storage. If for no other reason than this, you should consider hiring a kitchen designer to help you plan the best possible new kitchen.

A new kitchen is more than installing cabinets and modern appliances.  Although the core functions of a kitchen have not changed that much, the things inside the kitchen have changed a lot.  In fact, improvements in materials and technology change substantially every couple decades. Without the help of an expert, you're likely to omit some key elements from your plan, without even knowing it.

A kitchen designer's focus is making a kitchen beautiful and work efficiently. Kitchen designers know about what works and what doesn't.  Designers learn from new and past clients what they do and don't like about their old kitchens. We can help you to choose and incorporate features that are right for your particular needs and how to avoid pitfalls in kitchen design. A kitchen designer will draw plans that help you to better visualize the space and provide necessary documents to obtain a permit and plans for your contractor to work from.

How Much Does a Kitchen Designer Cost?  There are many different ways to hire a kitchen designer, and fees will range from "no charge" to $150 per hour. The expense depends mostly upon whether they are selling you their design service or if the service is bundled with something else, for instance your kitchen cabinet purchase.  Personally, I like to separate my design fees from my product cost so all numbers are transparent for my client.

An architect may seem like the obvious choice, but may not be your best option for kitchen work.  Architects have excellent technical abilities, but not all have the specific knowledge to help you achieve kitchen nirvana.  Most architects do not keep up on kitchen products and trends, nor do most have the critical insights offered by a specialist in kitchen design.

Whatever the cost of your kitchen designer, they may very well end up saving you money by helping you get the very best prices on the cabinets, appliances and contractor services.