Bye, bye, crib.

When we checked into the beach house last summer, my twins were crazy excited to sleep in their new bunk room.  Their room was the first to be "finished" as I wanted them, above all others, to feel comfortable, safe, warm & cozy.  

And then, almost before I could say "sleep tight, little one," I was putting them into separate rooms at nap time more and more (i.e., too much giggling and not enough shut-eye).   Once summer was over, it was clear when the crib phase was history and it was time to create some "big kid" spaces in the city.  

My dilemma on how to convert the co-ed nursery into a co-ed toddler room.  So, the nursery became Howie's Room and Bowen inherited the guest bedroom.

I love using Pinterest for inspiration on projects.  Here are some cool kid rooms to get you going...  If you hit a road-block or just don't have the time to pull a room together, ping me.