Lighting: Nautical, Industrial & Barn

The right lighting can make an average space sparkle - but you'll need to be adventurous and, unless you find a treasure at the bottom of a junk pile, be ready to spend some bucks.

Since I am a big fan of not paying retail (are you?), I am prepared to search and bargain for something special.  I found my island lights for the beach kitchen for only $100 each at Round Top.  For the over 12 ft. island - I needed something big.  With some spray paint, synthetic rope and left over wire, I added a substantial design element to the space. 

If you you like this look, you're in luck!  Industrial and Vintage style lights are trending big, so you can find them almost anywhere.  Check our your local big box store, online, ebay and craigslist.  If your're in the Houston Area, wait for the Round Top Antiques Fair.  You won't be disappointed.  Check here for upcoming dates and lodging information.