Adios, Zombie Mommy.

I'm 40.5 years old and my twins turning three this week (Hooray!), I'm crossing the finish line of "new mommy syndrome".  I'm excited to refocus on myself, my design business, and my relationships (thanks to those that stuck with me through babies & construction).  I can proudly say (most days) I no longer look a zombie in yoga pants and can manage to have adult conversations without interruption at least twice a day! 

As I think about what "focusing on myself" means, I realize I'm a very different person than I was three years ago.  I'm not as selfish.  I'm not as carefree.  I'm not the same size or shape. '

It's going to take some time to learn about this "new me" and I look forward to seeing how 2015 rounds out.  

Kim @ 40

Kim @ 40