Selecting Great Hardware

Selecting hardware is like deciding which jewelry to wear to compliment your little black dress. Hardware isn't cheap, so making the burden of making the best choice can be stressful as you become overloaded with images of pulls, knobs, and finish options.  You may be dizzy because the choices seem endless... and they are!  A designer will help narrow the selection.

First, start with the cabinetry finish and style.  Do you want the hardware to blend or make a statement?  Do you need a contemporary or traditional style?  What other metal finishes are being used in the room (appliances, lighting fixtures, doorknobs, windows)?  Now consider size and scale.  If you have 54" high wall cabinets, don't use a tiny knob in the bottom corner of the door.  Large drawers need either one wide pull centered or two smaller ones.  Don't be afraid to mix styles and finishes - this makes the cabinetry look more custom and interesting.

Here are some great vendors to check out:

      Liberty Hardware  |  Hardware Resources  |  Top Knobs  |  House of Antique Hardware                                                        Amercok  |  Richelieu  |  Eclectic Ware